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On Dec. 10, 2017, Jerry Brown

will regale us with the psychedelic origins of St. Nick and Santa Claus. Join our webinar to watch and learn about the shamanic origins of all the reindeers and elves, flying sleighs, and the significance of the colours red and white. Ticket available soon.



On Nov. 16th, Dr. Marc Blainey and Daniel Greig are in conversation about the intersection of psychedelics, society, culture, syncretic religions, consciousness and so much more. Join us for the talk at University College on Nov. 16th at 7:30. Afterwards, socializing and discussion will continue at a nearby pub. Tickets are available.


Psychedelic Speakers is pleased to present Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris from  Imperial College in London live in Toronto on October 30th at 7:30PM eastern. His topic will be “Can Magic Mushrooms Treat Depression?” After the talk, Dr. Robin will answer questions from the Toronto and North American audience. His talk will be webcast across North America.
Check out the video of his talk Proceeds from this event go to the Beckley FoundationThis event is co-sponsored by the U of T chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the Toronto Psychedelic Society

Earlybird tickets are only $8. for the Toronto show at George Ignatieff theatre at the University of Toronto, or $7 for the online event with a Zoom-connected device. To install Zoom, click on this link:

Please select your ticket carefully.

Get Tickets for “Can Magic Mushrooms Treat Depression?” 

Psychedelic groups that register with us will get a link to the talk and make a donation of $3. per person after the event.

Psychedelic groups participating in our webinar with Robin include:

Montreal Psychedelic Society    Nick Benfey

PSYAtlanta                              Moshe Jacobson         

SEAS                                            Duane David   

Baltimore PS                             Kiley Wampler        

Columbus                                      Ryan Place              

Central Oregon PS                   Amanda No    

Toronto Psychedelic Society      Bradley Foster


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Previous Events:

Psychedelic Speakers is delighted to present Dennis McKenna with a talk on DMT: A Biospheric Catalyst for Conscious Evolution on Sept. 23, 2017. Special guest, Rick Doblin, will  also give a talk in this 2 1/2 hour program. Groups will have an opportunity to ask Rick or Dennis questions.

Watch the video of these talks at  YouTube and subscribe to our channel.

Groups of 6 or more wanting to purchase tickets at a reduced rate can contact us at

Gather a bunch of friends or create your own 920 event around Dennis’s talk. If you’ll be watching it alone you can buy tickets on this page. No matter where you are in the world, all you’ll need is Zoom on your phone, tablet or notebook.

To install Zoom, click on this link:

We now have 16 psychedelic groups  joining together to watch, listen, learn, and participate. If you live in any of the following cities, click on the link in your city to see who is hosting it.  The list of cities is at the end of this page.

If it is not possible to physically join a group, join us virtually. Anyone can watch Dennis and Rick anywhere you have an internet connection and Zoom installed on your device. Tickets can be purchased from the Buy Now button above.  Tickets are $5.

Show time is at:
7:00PM Eastern,
6:00PM Central,
5:00PM Mountain
4:00PM Pacific


Participating organizations:

Toronto Toronto Psychedelic Society Bradley Foster
Philadelphia Philadelphia Psychedelic Society Adam Miranda
Baltimore Baltimore Psychedelic Society Kiley Wampler
DC DC Psychedelic Society Vince Rado
Atlanta PsyAtlanta Moshe Jacobson
Nashville Nashville Psychedelic Society Stephy
Dallas Dallas Psychedelic Society Ryan Gause
Austin Austin Psychedelic Society Sarah Gehrke
Miami Miami Psychedelic Society Kevin Garcia
Charleston Society for the Exploration of Altered States (SEAS) Duane David
Portland Portland Entheogenic Exploration and Research Society Helen Daring
Montreal Montreal Psychedelic Society Nick Benfey
Calgary Calgary Psychedelic Medicine Socieity Ben St. Piere
Buffalo Psychedelic Society of Western New York Floyd Sweet
Eugene/Corvalis Southern Oregon Amanda No
Ottawa Ottawa Psychedelic Society Matt Jaworski